Is it possible to have a Catholic Wedding abroad?

Plainly simple: yes!

Just take into account you must follow all same steps you would go through to get married in your country, plus a few ones that may delay a bit the process, so make sure you start everything on time.

It is worth mentioning that it is not strictly necessary that both of you are Catholic, but it makes everything simpler.


Steps to prepare your Catholic Wedding from abroad

  • Get your batism file from the churches you took your Christianship
  • Start your marriage file in your local church
  • Take the marriage courses and make sure its completion is mentioned in the marriage file
  • Once the marriage file is complete, take it to your Archbishopric.
  • Your local Archbishopric will send it to Barcelona Archbishopric: this may take some time, so make sure you do it timely before your wedding.
  • Once in Barcelona Archbishopric, the file will be sent to the priest or church where you plan to get married.

We will help you during this process, specially to follow up with Barcelona Archbishopric the reception of the file, and its arrival to the priest conducting the ceremony.