You have signed a contract with a venue: it is lovely, just what you wanted! But nearly one year after having signed the contract with them, and few months before the Wedding, the venue says they have to overcome some maintenance works and tries to move you to another location.

Really: the proposed new one is bad! And even getting a refund will not compensate, considering the time you have left to get a new venue abroad! And the venue decision is "final".

Not so final: this is a true history that happened to a couple that contracted our services after having already signed a contract with a venue (it is not really uncommon). It took us a couple of weeks of work, but using some arguments against them (legal, communication capacity as Wedding Planners, tourism office complaints, ...), the venue finally backed off and postponed their works.

There are more "day-to-day" reasons to contract a Wedding Planner (see below), even if you will not probably have to face this kind of issues. But should something like this ever happen to you, with us you would have experts to solve it.

Anyway, even if you might not do it for a local Wedding, there are some reasons why you will need a Wedding Planner for a destination Wedding and, specially, if it is abroad.


Do you really know the best places, options, and prices?

Do not rely just on Internet and photos!

Also, unless you perform a very intensive search, you will never know if you are paying too much for what you get, or if there are better options for you. A professional Wedding Planner will work with you to make the best of your choices.


Is it expensive?

Not really. We have a large network of best cost-per-quality vendors, and several business-to-business agreements: contracting us as Wedding Planners will surely give you a positive return on your investment. The pricing agreements for the selection of quality vendors we will recommend to you will compensate for the cost of our services, compared to the cost the same services, with the same quality, you could find on your own,


Will you be able, and willing, to manage all the involved suppliers remotely?

There may be several hour "time zone shifts" (specially overseas), long distance calls... We manage our local suppliers on local time zone, and we are used to work with our remote suppliers and customers through different timezones. It is our everyday business!


Do you have contract level language skills for the local language of your destination?

Some suppliers may not speak a word of English, and yet be the best ones for you... We will use the best vendor for you, regardless the fact they do or not speak English.

We will also make sure you understand what you are signing!


Can I rely on suppliers abroad?

Normally yes!. Do not be over-suspicious, but do not be over-confident either.

Most vendors and suppliers are reliable, but that does not mean there are no people trying to sell what the do not have. Also, even if a supplier is a trusty one, it does not mean its quality, or its value per cost, are what you expected.

We have tested most of the suppliers we work with. There is always room for new ones, and for these we also check their services before the first time we offer them to a customer.


Can I choose my own supplier? I really love that photographer!

Of course you can! Wedding Planners who are tied to a single, or even closed list of vendors, should not call themselves Wedding Planners but agents!

We have agreements with vendors and after many Weddings we know which ones we prefer for each customer... but we do not make it a mandatory choice: the choice is yours!

Just if we feel your choice is not the best one, we will tell you, and why, so that you can make your decision with all available information.


What if I have some issue?

You took months to choose your preferred photographer. How could you replace him just two days before your Wedding? And not being in your own city!

These things happen, especially if you chose your suppliers on your own. And it may become a real nuisance for your Wedding. As Wedding Planners, we have ways to solve this kind of issues. If something like this ever happens, we will work to solve it for you.