Can I legalize my Wedding in Spain?

One of the most asked questions from our customers is whether they can legalize their wedding in Spain.

Spanish legislation requires at least one of the members in the couple getting married to be either a Spanish citizen or a Spanish resident. This does not allow to celebrate Civil weddings when both members in the couple are non Spanish and non resident.

In any case, you may still get legally married in Spain if you choose a Religious Wedding (Catholic, Muslim or Indian) and legalize it in the Civil Registry afterwards, or you can have your Civil wedding in your country and just have the Religious ceremony in Spain.

Of course, nothing of this applies to Symbolic weddings, where no legalization is needed at all.

If you choose to legalize your Wedding, we will help you with the involved paperwork in Spain, so that you can register your wedding in your country of origin, if possible according to your local regulation (i.e. this possibility exists in the US, Canada, UK and the rest of the European Union)


To summarize, you can get married in Spain if you meet any of these conditions:

  • At least one of you is a Spanish citizen or resident, in which case you can have a Civil wedding. 
  • You are having a Religious wedding.
  • You are having a Symbolic wedding.