A destination Wedding will add exclusivity to your engagement: if you want to have a different Wedding, this is one of your best options.

Do you want a destination Wedding in your own country, abroad, or overseas? Once you decide you want your guests to travel with you, going abroad will make your wedding more exotic and exclusive.

How do I plan my Wedding abroad?

Once you are done with your decision on getting married abroad: what's next? First, whether it is a destination Wedding or not, you need to go through standard matters about your Wedding, such as the kind of venue & ceremony, but on top of that, when you plan a destination Wedding and even more if it is abroad, there are some doubts that may arise, and most important, some details you may not be even aware of:

  • Will my guests honour my invitation?
  • Do I really need a Wedding Planner?
  • Should I get my Wedding dress abroad?
  • Can I legalize my Wedding abroad, or should I just have a symbolic celebration with my guests?
  • Can I rely on suppliers abroad?
  • Should I travel in advance?


Why a destination Wedding

A destination Wedding will give you glamour and exclusivity, and will definitely give you the best opportunities to do something different for your Wedding:

Ever wanted to get married on a niceley snowed beach, mountain, or both? and even take the chance of doing it under gracely falling soft snowflakes?

Do you want to spend some days with your guests before or after your Wedding? What is the best way for your Wedding to be a memorable event for you and all your guests?

These are just some things you may get from a destination Wedding, but open to your imagination, surely there are much more!


Will my guests honour my invitation?

Of course, when you plan a destination Wedding you are asking your guests to spend money, unless you plan also to pay for their trip. This means that probably some of them will not attend. But look it the other way: the ones that will are really the ones that want to be with you on your special day.

In any case, make it attractive for them. Make sure that your choice of venue and location for your destination Wedding is worth your, and your guests', travelling.

Organizing an exclusive Wedding is not easy. The more attracting it is for your guests, the happier they will be about attending your Wedding. Keep their expectations high, and fullfill those expectations!


Getting my Wedding dress

Definetely, unless you plan to travel several times to your destination's wedding location, get your wedding dress locally. You will have more time to choose, try, and decide. You will also be able to test it, and see it in advance.

Just make sure you arrange the right transportation for the dress. Our recommendation is the simplest one: take it with you on your hand luggage. Do not check it in or send it via "whatever-guarranteed-courier-service": you do not want it delayed or damaged as you will not be able to replace it on time, and no money will compensate for that!


Should I travel in advance?

Most of our customers see their Wedding venues (photos apart) for the first time at the very moment of getting married. Our recommendation is: better if you can travel and visit it before signing the contract with the venue, but it is not always possible for our customers to travel in advance.

So far, this has been an ever satifying experiece for those of our customers who could not visit their venues in advance: they loved them!

In any case, if you found some venue, you like it, and want us to check, we will visit it and give you real photos (not the ones published by the venue itself), and an objective recommendation.